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Powerful websites for demanding medium and large companies.

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Websites for Businesses

Constant visibility, more customer inquiries, and better perception.

Your Benefits:

  • Increase new customer inquiries and sales
  • Boost visibility in search engines
  • Improve perception among prospects and applicants
  • Recruit staff
  • Automate business processes and interfaces to your systems
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Future-proof your business

There are plenty of good reasons for ambitious companies to entrust the creation of their website to professionals. Do not rely solely on your network, on tenders, or your sales department. You cannot afford to give away the visibility and potential that a professional, lead-optimized website offers, and leave way to your competitors.

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Our Services

We are experts in creating websites for SMEs and have many years of experience. You will gain a reliable partner who offers you all the relevant services from a single source.

Strategic Consulting

Ambitious companies need proven measures. We have experience and advise you comprehensively: strategy, target group approach, technologies.

Web Design

A high-quality design for your website leaves a lasting impression, promotes sales, and effectively convinces potential clients and applicants.

Content Management Systems

With a CMS, website content can be easily changed without technical know-how. You can primarily focus on your business.


Optimization and automation of business processes. We provide support for integrating with CRM, ERP systems and online shops.

Online Marketing

With targeted online marketing, we measurably increase your success. More qualified leads, more visibility, or more relevant applicants.

Maintenance and Support

We see ourselves as a long-term, reliable partner. We proactively support in maintenance, upkeep, and security.


We make medium-sized and large companies even more successful.

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High-quality corporate websites for demanding SMEs.

OHRA Storage Systems

OHRA has been your specialist for the storage of long, heavy or unwieldy goods for 40 years, as well as the European market leader for cantilever racks. We have a long-standing partnership and manage the multilingual website in over 20 languages.

ohra_rectangle Ohra Inverted Customer Logo Darstellung des Logos vom Unternehmen bzw. des Produkts oder der Marke Ohra Inverted Customer.

Loft Design Furniture

LOFT offers modern design for living, sleeping and outdoor. We have realized a visually high-quality brand appearance that does justice to the product portfolio.

loft-designmoebel Loft Designmoebel Inverted Customer Logo Darstellung des Logos vom Unternehmen bzw. des Produkts oder der Marke Loft Designmoebel Inverted Customer.


With SCAYLE, ABOUT YOU offers the platform that has already proven itself in the scaling of ABOUT YOU, also for other established e-commerce brands. We are responsible for the technical implementation of the website.

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Why a Good Website is So Important

Let's list some aspects of why a poor website can lead to negative consequences. Contact us if you want a website that effectively achieves goals.

  1. 01 Reputation damage due to unprofessional online presence An outdated or unprofessional website can significantly damage the image of your company. Potential customers and business partners are deterred by an unprofessional presentation, leading to a loss of trust.
  2. 02 Too few qualified inquiries and applications A poor website can lead to you not receiving enough inquiries or applications. If your website is not convincing enough or the important information is not clearly communicated, you miss valuable business opportunities.
  3. 03 Your Professionals are Being Poached An unattractive online presence can also affect your team. Potential professionals often search on the internet for information about potential employers. If your website does not convey a positive impression, highly skilled employees can be poached by competitors.
  4. 04 Your Competition will Dominate the Online Market A weak website allows your competition to take over the online dominance in your industry. If your competitors have an appealing and user-friendly website, they will gain more traffic, leads, and ultimately customers.
  5. 05 Rising Opportunity Losses Each day with a subpar website represents a potential loss of opportunities. Customers who lose interest because of your website will switch to your competitors. The costs of these missed opportunities add up over time and can be significant.

Industry Knowledge

We have implemented more than 200 projects and acquired expertise in various industries.


High-end B2B websites and B2B online marketing for small and medium-sized industrial companies and manufacturing firms.

Finance and Insurance

Long-term support for the leading payment app in Switzerland. Also, various landing pages and an insurance portal.

Real Estate

Sales websites for sophisticated construction projects, interfaces to real estate management software or corporate website for industry heavyweights.

Health and Life Sciences

Highly frequented and functional websites and applications for universities and companies in the healthcare sector.


Successful PaaS and SaaS products, along with various landing pages and ongoing support for one of the leading German economic publishers.


High-quality websites, web applications and online marketing for tax consultants, business consultants or auditors.

Travel and Leisure

From one of the leading manufacturers of motor homes to the most famous online dog school, we realise high-quality and powerful websites and web applications.

Commerce and Retail

Superior and high-performance technology combined with thoughtful user experiences. ABOUT YOU, limango and TeeGschwendner trust us.

The right CMS?

The Content Management System is the foundation of your website and helps in managing your content independently. We evaluate which CMS is best suited for you.

Corporate Websites with WordPress

WordPress leverages its advantages in compactness and easy handling. Both small sites with manageable navigation structures and complex and extensive corporate websites can be depicted very well with WordPress.

Company Websites with Craft CMS

Craft CMS stands out with its enormous flexibility and minimal reliance on external plugins. The system can always be precisely tailored to the requirements of structure, content and users. Unnecessary baggage, which slows down the CMS, doesn’t exist here.

Enterprise CMS with Contentful, Strapi or Storyblok

Headless CMS platforms such as Contentful, Strapi and Storyblok facilitate the effective management of content for websites and applications. They offer a "headless" approach where content can be displayed on various platforms via APIs.

Highly Sales-Effective Online Stores with Shopify

As a first-class alternative to other store systems, you can bundle all the essential components of your online store into one software with Shopify. We are here to support you.

Grav CMS Logo Darstellung des Logos vom Unternehmen bzw. des Produkts oder der Marke Grav CMS.

Lightning Fast Websites with Grav CMS

Grav CMS is a modern content management system that is significantly more performant than the traditional database-based CMS solutions due to its Flat-File approach. However, it may not be suitable for every business. We are here to consult if Grav CMS is suitable for your requirements.

Statamic Logo Darstellung des Logos vom Unternehmen bzw. des Produkts oder der Marke Statamic.

High-Performance Websites with Statamic

Statamic combines the benefits of a powerful CMS with the flexibility of Laravel, the leading PHP framework. The database-free approach allows for impressive speeds and optimal performance. But is Statamic right for your company? We'll help you figure it out.

Additional Technologies

Our websites and collaborations are based on stable and secure technologies. In addition to established content management systems, we also offer custom solutions.

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Important questions about company websites.

Why does a company need a professional website?

As a digital agency, we see it as our responsibility to provide our clients with a professional and successful online presence. A well-designed and user-friendly website is an important component of a company's marketing and business development.

We understand that every business is unique, and therefore we work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs and goals. Our experienced designers and developers then design a website that not only looks good, but is also user-friendly and technically up to date.

A professional website allows our clients to be visible on the Internet and to be found by potential customers or applicants. It serves as a tool for communication and customer acquisition and helps to strengthen customers' trust in the company.

Your Customers Expect a Company Website

Our aim is to present you and your brand in a way that sets you apart from your competitors. We highlight the strengths of your company through a target audience-focused and user-friendly web design visually.

Outstanding online content also plays an equally significant role. So do not skimp on providing information about your offers and services. Your website visitors, as well as Google and Co. will thank you in the form of better conversions and rankings.

Do we also have solutions for small businesses?

Our services are directed at businesses of all sizes. However, not every budget allows for the development of a fully comprehensive website. We view a decision to entrust us as your web agency and future partner as a commitment to bring out the best in your online success.

This means that we always offer high-quality solutions even for smaller budgets that provide your users and potential new customers with a positive user experience and strengthen your brand. Half-baked "patchwork solutions" and piecing together plugins or building block systems are not our claim and not what ambitious companies are happy with.

In the development of corporate websites, free open-source content management systems (CMS) have particularly established themselves. Those that have proven to be particularly effective - even when used by large corporations - are the widely used CMS "WordPress" and "Craft CMS". If you prefer another CMS or a custom development, please feel free to contact us.

What does a company website cost?

As an Internet agency we understand that cost is a key consideration for businesses looking to develop or improve their online presence. However, it's challenging to specify an exact price for a website as costs depend on a variety of factors. Here are a few aspects that influence the cost of a company website:

Scope and Functionalities

The scope and functionalities of a website are a crucial factor for the cost. The more extensive and complex the requirements, the more effort and resources are needed to implement the desired features. A simple information website will generally be more cost-effective than an e-commerce website with an extensive product database and payment systems.

Design and User Experience

The design and user experience of a website play a key role in shaping the overall impression of your business. A customized and professional design requires more time and creative resources, which can impact costs. Optimizing the user experience to keep visitors on the website and motivate them to take action also requires careful planning and implementation.

Content Development

The content of your website is of great importance to effectively communicate your message and engage your target audience. Creating high-quality and appealing content requires time and expertise. Whether it's texts, images, videos, or other media, content development can affect costs.

Maintenance and Updates

A successful website requires regular maintenance and updates to ensure it runs smoothly and complies with current standards. This includes backing up the website, installing updates, and fixing any potential bugs or issues. The cost for long-term maintenance should also be considered.


The costs for a business website can vary depending on the specific requirements and goals of your business. A tailor-made website that optimally represents your brand and achieves your goals requires an appropriate investment. As an internet agency, we are here to understand your needs and offer a solution that fits both your requirements and your budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and our tailor-made solutions for business websites. We look forward to helping you build a successful online presence.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

Why our clients enjoy working with us and hire us again

„With your help, we've taken our digital recruiting strategy to a new level. Thanks to your website and lead tracking, as well as the interface integration with our HR tool, we can now target our campaigns more effectively to our desired audience and optimize our applicant management processes. Thank you for the collaborative and trustworthy partnership.“

Stefanja Kanka
Head of Human Resources @ Primus Service GmbH

„With over half a million visitors monthly, our website is one of our most important acquisition channels. Mindtwo has helped us convey our messages to our target audience effectively and has significantly improved onsite performance.“

Leonard Tekstra
Head of Online Marketing @ Kesselheld GmbH

„Our website, alongside our app, is one of the most important communication channels for TWINT. mindtwo particularly supports us with technical challenges and implementations. We especially value the reliable, quick, and straightforward collaboration!“

Eva-Maria Mörtenhuber
Head of Performance Marketing & Branding @ TWINT AG

„We use our new website as an effective marketing tool, allowing us to finally showcase our products in a fitting manner.“

Giovanni Cataldi
Head of Marketing @ OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH

„When translating a technical book on the topic of Laravel, mindtwo assisted us with a professional review, providing valuable insights.“

Ariane Hesse
Editor @ O'REILLY Computerbuchverlag

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